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Recently featured in "Fausse Note" written and directed by Didier Caron at the Théâtre de la Contreescarpe, Pierre will be in 2019/2020 in Franck Cimier's "Operation Portugal" alongside D'Jal, on Netflix in season 3 of THE CROWN, and in the credits of Mustafa Ozgun's feature film "The Pink Thief". Currently shooting on Clayton Bukhart's No Man's Land, Huis clos étouffant by Clayton Bukhart, he was seen in 2019 in "Alex Hugo" directed by Pierre Isoard and in 2016/17 as a recurring guest in short formats such as Scènes de ménage or Commissariat central (M6), as well as main guest (Harald) in season 3 of Olivier de Plas's QI currently on Netflix. 

Pierre was trained by Emile Salimov, a director who graduated from the MGIK in Moscow.

Since then, the research and creation of characters have been and remain at the center of his preoccupations under the direction of directors such as Didier Caron, Pascal Faber, Virgil Tanase, Emile Salimov, Jean Claude Cotillard, Julien Boisselier, Nicolas Bedos, Antoine Bourseiller, Guy Grimberg or Stéphane Battle; The latter distributed Pierre to play authors such as Rampal, Harms, Bulgakhov, Gogol, Musset, Barry, Juillet/Drigeard, Chekhov, Dumas, Renoir, SaintExupery, Eric-Emmanuel Schmidt, Link & Levinson and Molière.

Parallel to the stage, he has worked for television and cinema under the direction of Dominique Farrugia, Mélissa Drigeard, Charles Nemes, Cyril Gelblat, Claude Michel Rome, Klaus Bidermann, Christophe Barraud, Alexis Lecaye, Karim Addad and Claire Laroche-Foucaud. 

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