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FAUSSE NOTE: Théâtre de la Contr’escarpe saison 2019/2020

« Magnificent in intensity and precision, Pierre Azéma is accurate and impressive in the role of the conductor. »

Le Figaro

« Pierre Azéma is perfect with its haughty port and customary elegance. And when the master is assailed by the past, his phlegm and authority turn into a nervous and panting game. » Symanews

« We are caught up by the authoritative presence of Pierre Azéma, who wonderfully embodies this shadowy zone that is specific to each of us.» France net Infos

« The intensity will not leave Pierre Azéma for a single moment. »

Le Parisien

« Pierre Azéma proves to be a masterful obsequious public figure whose superbly disintegrated in the course of the proofs reported. » Froggy’s delight

Columbo: Théâtre Michel saison 2016/2017

« Subtly interpreted by Pierre Azéma as a twisted psychiatrist »

Figaro Madame

« Pierre Azéma, all in restraint, confers a just coldness on this manipulative and machiavellian psychoanalyst. » Pariscope

« In machiavellian character Pierre Azema is quite perfect: it's the double man-made game.» G. Costaz

« Pierre Azéma slips deliciously into the skin of a manipulative assassin. » Le Parisien

« ... brilliantly interpreted by Pierre Azema, cold, sufficient, player at will and who defies Columbo with a morgue of haughty, calm and precise cynicism. » Regarts

Jekyll & Hyde: Comedie Bastille saison 2015/2016

 «Pierre Azéma encapsulates a perfect schizophrenic, his body changes, his voice changes, his expression changes, in short it is a total success.» Radio Nostalgie


«A breathtaking actor performance» La Provence


«An exceptional performance by Pierre Azéma, he IS Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde»Vaucluse Matin

Célimene & le Cardinal: 2014/2016 - Prix d'interpretation masculine Avignon 2015

«Pierre Azéma treats us to the role of Alceste» Pariscope


«Pierre Azéma is a beautiful Alceste, with a disturbing virility.» La Marseillaise


«These two wonderful artists carry the words with exceptional conviction and emotion for a great moment of happiness.»La Provence


«The emotion is great in front of the subtlety of the game»Théâ

Meme si tu m'aimes - Théâtre Michel saison 2013

«flawless performance»Télérama


«Special mention to Pierre Azéma excellent in arrogant psychotherapist»Femme actuelle


« Pierre Azéma is hilarious in cynical and exuberant psychology.»Rappel 

Marie Tudor - 2000 représentations Saison 2012/13/14

«intense and just»Télérama



«an outstanding talent»Philippe Tesson



«we must applaud Pierre Azéma in the role of poor Gilbert»Pariscope 


«overwhelming with modesty and impressive beauty»Le Monde 

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